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Cryptocurrency, The Finance of the Future


Good morning, everybody! Welcome to today’s panel discussion on cryptocurrencies and CBDCs, announced recently in the national budget.
Our panellists today are:

  • Saniel, from the Reserve Bank of India
  • Snigdha, from the Government of India
  • Arnav, from a leading commercial bank
  • Anushka, a professional private investor
  • And Sristi, from the International Monetary Fund
  • Moderator, Nihal Pinto

A brand-new initiative, Labs at Play, is an online forum for the exchange of news, research, and musings in live time outside the ambit of the classroom! It had its soft launch in March 2022, when teachers and students of the Commerce, Accounts, Business and Psychology Departments, joined hands to present ‘Money - Use it with Ease’. The budget and its focus on crypto currency was explored innovatively through an interesting video created by the teachers and students, followed by a senior school panel discussion.