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Inter-school accomplishments

Primary School

Devansh Kumar

Devansh Kumar (Grade 4) secured First Prize scoring 100/100 in the Ignited Mind Mental Maths Grand Finale 2023. Congratulations, Devansh!

Pradyot Subramanya Bharadwaj

Pradyot Subramanya Bharadwaj (Grade 5) secured First Prize scoring 100/100 in the Ignited Mind Mental Maths Grand Finale 2023. Congratulations, Pradyot!

Adithya Nandakishore

Adithya Nandakishore (Grade 4), scored 100/100 in the Coding Olympiad 2022-23 conducted by Cambridge University Press. Amazing work!

Aira Abhishek

TERI organised a National Photography Competition on the theme, ’SMART CHOICES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE’, as part of their Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) 4th Edition to students of 10 to 25 years. They received more than 700 photographs from across the country, reflecting an increasing interest in ecological concerns and sustainability among young people in India.

Aira Abhishek (Grade 5) and Nimisha Gururaj (Grade 6) found their submissions being shortlisted to the TOP TWELVE entries. The selected photos were then thrown open for vote. Nimisha, who even attended the Conclave at New Delhi, won SECOND PLACE for her photograph! Wonderful feat! Heartiest congratulations, Nimisha!

Virat Awasthi

Virat Awasthi (Grade 2) has been making waves at several competitions! At the Unified Council English Olympiad, he was ranked 47 at the National Level. Virat also won International Rank 1 at the IMO, International Rank 4 at the IEO and International Rank 6 at the ISO organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation!

Advith Karthik Pemmaraju

Advith Karthik Pemmaraju (Grade 2) won a Silver Medal at the National Level Karate Championship! Congratulations, Advith!!

Rishikha Sandeep

Rishikha Sandeep (Grade 2) was one among the prestigious Top 100 at the All-India Interschool Handwriting Contest! Another feather to her cap was when Rishikha's artwork was sent to space as part of Boeing and Space Foundation's Art in the Stars Competition! This piece of art was sent in a CST-100 spacecraft. Amazing luck!

Avyukt R

Avyukt R (Grade 2) won Second Place at the KATA – Karate Competition. He also won Third Place in KUMITE at the SKI AND NSKFI National Cup 2022. Way to go, Avyukt!

Diya Reddy

Diya Reddy (Grade 4) bagged the Fourth Place, at the National Level Open Yoga Championship! Agility and determination are sure to take her far!

Pravit Jain

Pravit Jain (Grade 4) won a Silver in the 1000 m skating in-line race at the Open State Championship held at City Skaters Arena, Bengaluru, on 21 August 2022. He won the First Place in the Four Laps category and a Silver Medal at the Karnataka State Roller Skating Competition. He trains every day and wants to reach the Nationals soon! You can do it, Pravit!

Ananth M

Our grade 5 adventure seeker, Ananth M, was the youngest participant among a group of 25 members, who completed a trek to Hampta Pass. Ananth scaled a peak of 14100 metres with great enthusiasm and absolutely no help! Amazing exploit, Ananth!

Shaurya Shekhar

Shaurya Shekhar Ss (Grade 3) won First Place at the Mental Math World Cup – Masters Category! He also won a Medal of Excellence and Gold Medal at the International Olympiad of Mathematics (Silver Olympiad). Hearty congratulations, Shaurya!

Angad Nipesh Mehta

Angad Nipesh Mehta (Grade 3) won Second Place at the Mental Math World Cup – Challenger Category! Good going, Angad!

Aaryav Pagaria

Aaryav Pagaria (Grade 3) won Second Place in Badminton at the Yonex Badminton event held at Rajajinagar, Bengaluru

Mishti Jain

Mishti Jain (Grade 4) was awarded Best Musical Art by the World Music Conservatory!

Poorvi Singhvi

Poorvi Singhvi (Grade 5) won a Consolation Prize at the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav organised by ISRO in collaboration with the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. Good effort, Poorvi!

Sai Vedita C

Sai Vedita C (Grade 4) won a Distinction Award in Round 1 and State Rank 75 in Round 2 of the Indian Talent Olympiad! Well done, Vedita!

Rhea Michelle Prabhu

Rhea Michelle Prabhu (Grade 4) won First Place at the Tennis Tournament organised by Tennis Temple, Bengaluru! Keep striving, Rhea!

Science Olympiad

At last year’s Science Olympiad, our Primary School students made us proud! Pradyot S Bharadwaj (Grade 5) earned Zonal Rank 21 and Ananya Vinod (Grade 5) earned School Rank 3 at the IEO; Rishikha Sandeep (Grade 2) Received School Rank 1 At the NSO; Virat Awasthi (Grade 2) and Antara A Mishra (Grade 5) both earned School Rank 1 at the IMO. Great job, students!

Viransh Bhurat

Viransh Bhurat (Grade 3) has several wins to his credit! He won Third Place in the Shree Suresh Angadi Memorial Children's Chess Tournament, a Certificate of Excellence and Silver Medal at the International Informatics Olympiad (Silver Olympiad) and a Certificate of Excellence and Bronze Medal at the International Olympiad of English Language (Silver Olympiad)! Way to go, Viransh!

Raghav Nitin

Another high achiever in Primary School, Raghav Nitin (Grade 5) won Third Place in the Reading Olympiad 2022 organised by GetLit, a Gold Award at the Singapore Maths Competition and was a winner at the Red Ball Tennis Tournament conducted by Tennis Temple! Congratulations, Raghav!

Rajveer Chowdhary

Rajveer Chowdhary (Grade 5) won the Best Goalkeeper Award at a football tournament organised by The International School Sports Organization affiliated to School Games Federation of India. He was also part of the winning team at the SIX Champs League (SIX Cricket Academy) cricket tournament!

Anish Mahendran

Anish Mahendran (Grade 4) won the Golden Boot for scoring the highest number of goals in a football tournament organised by The International School Sports Organization affiliated to School Games Federation of India. Well done, Anish!

Archi Ratadia

Archi Ratadia (Grade 5) won the Best Defender for her excellent performance throughout the football tournament organised by The International School Sports Organization affiliated to School Games Federation of India. Way to go, Archi!

Silver Zone Olympiad Level 2

Meet our Silver Zone Olympiad Level 2 Winners:

Certificate of Excellence and Gold Medal at the IEO:
Devansh Mehta (Grade 1), Reya Rahul Rajpal (Grade 2), Nivan Agastya (Grade 1)

Certificate of Excellence and Gold Medal at the IMO and IEO:
Rishikha Sandeep (Grade 2), Praneel Prabu (Grade 3) and Pradyot S Bharadwaj (Grade 5)

Meet our Level 1 Class Toppers at the NELTAS Competition!

Caileen Arvind

Aarna Chiranth

Rhea Michelle Prabhu

Kashish Goel
Ignited Mind Lab Competition

Here are our achievers at the Ignited Mind Lab Competition (Level 1)!

Certificates of Achievement Awardees:

Grade 5 Winners: Dhruv Saurav Bhuwalka, Aira Abhishek, Raghav B Nitin, Sharvil S Rao, Ananya Vinod, Sriram Satish, Rajveer Chowdhary, Antara A Mishra, Dhruv Iyer, Kriyansh Pradeep, Pradyot S Bharadwaj

Grade 4 Winners: Kanish Amit Sheth, Satvik Ameya Datar, Devansh Kumar, Siddharth Sridhar. Devansh emerged International Rank 4 holder at the IMO!

Grade 3 Winners: Anika Pisharody, Praneel Prabu, Atheera Gowda, Heer Rahul Shah, Krishang Agarwal

Science Olympiad Foundation Winners:

Our Grade 1 winners, Guruguha K Kollegal and Dheer Lahariya won Gold Medals of Excellence at the IMO. Avyukta Harikrishna won the Medal of Distinction at the IEO and the Gold Medals of Excellence at the IMO & the ISO.

TISB's Trojans Cup

Prateek Kannan (Grade 6) and Rihan N Mastakar (Grade 5) won the Runners-up Trophy at TISB's Trojans Cup for Grade 6 and below Table Tennis Tournament held at TISB on 14 February 2023. Rihan N Mastakar also won a Gold Medal at a table tennis tournament (BU-11) organised at the Vidyaranyapura Sports Habba, 2022.

Solo - SaPa Star

Prahlad Kannan and Pranav Kannan (Grade 2) won the Solo - SaPa Star (Junior 1) Award for Western Vocals.

SaPa Group Award

Bro Rockers! Prateek Kannan (Grade 6), Prahlad Kannan and Pranav Kannan (Grade 2) together bagged the SaPa Group Award for Western Vocals!

SaPa Group Award

NAFL Nightingales! Anika Lakshmi Shastry and Vyahruti Santosh (Grade 4) won the SaPa Group Award for Western Vocals!

Rhyme O Rhyme

Devansh Mehta and Darya P Devegowda (Grade 1) won Consolation Prizes at Rhyme O Rhyme hosted by Heritage Foundation of Art and Culture.

Dhairya Kothari

Dhairya Kothari (Grade 2) was the Gold Topper, Karnataka State Level at the Abacus Competition.

Atheera Gowda

Atheera Gowda (Grade 3) is the winner of two Olympiads!

  • Certificate of Excellence and Gold Medal at the International Olympiad of Science (Silver Olympiad)
  • Certificate of Excellence and Silver Medal at the International Olympiad of English Language, International Reasoning and Aptitude and Smart Kid GK Olympiad (Silver Olympiad)
Praneel Prabu

Praneel Prabu (Grade 3) won a Certificate of Appreciation and Gold Medal at the Unified Cyber Olympiad (Unified Council).

Ditvi Jain

Ditvi Jain (Grade 3) has been awarded Yellow VIII in Ryuei Ryu Karate Do by the Ryuei Ryu Karade Kobudo Organisation of India.

Gaurav Sethiya

Gaurav Sethiya (Grade 3) won a Gold Medal at the SG Master Gymnastic Center Gymnastic Championship, 2022.

Krishang Agarwal

Krishang Agarwal (Grade 3) won a Bronze Medal at the Inter-School and InterClub Gymnastic Competition (Elite Squad Gymnastics Academy).

Daivik Dayanand

Daivik Dayanand (Grade 4) won the Seventh Rank at the State Schools Championship and the Third Place at the State Level Inter-School Chess Tournament.

Satvik Datar

Satvik Datar (Grade 4) was a Prize winner in Category A at the Srimad Bhagavad Gita 55th Annual Festival, 2022.

Janhvi G Jain

Janhvi G Jain (Grade 5) was a winner at the Rangotsav National level Art Competition - Finger Painting and Collage Art.

Antara Mishra

Antara Mishra (Grade 5) was a member of the winning team at the SIX Champs League (SIX Cricket Academy) cricket tournament.

Yasmin Meenakshi Vaidya

Yasmin Meenakshi Vaidya (Grade 5) achieved a Distinction and the ABRSM Level 1 Award at her grade 3 level piano performance.

Winners - Red Bricks Hack 2022 I Hackathon @ Ashoka University!

This January 2023, our grade 11 students designed a Smart Gesture Glove using an Arduino nano chip and Arduino software to convert hand gesture inputs into the computer. 5 flex sensors placed on each finger changes its resistance based on how the finger bends. The Smart Glove aims to control several things, such as instructions to Smart Boards, conversion of sign language into text and support to differently abled people.

The prototype won NAFL's Vamika Bhat, Siddhanth Anil and Ayush KC Second Place and Rs. 50,000 at the tough all-India three-day Red Bricks Coding Challenge at Ashoka University, New Delhi! Hearty congratulations!

Red Bricks Hack 1
Red Bricks Hack 1
Sandeep enjoys Stanford

Sandeep Saravanakumar (Cambridge AL) our Math wiz, was selected to attend a pre-collegiate Math course in Multivariable Differential Calculus, offered online by Stanford University under their Continuing Studies program. The entrance test was based on his interests and skills in the subject. The course which lasted four months was rigorous and pushed Sandeep hard to master the use of vectors in the third dimension.

Speaking about the experience, Sandeep said, "It seemed to be a very daunting task at first trying to strike a balance between my preparation for Board Examination and learning advance Maths concepts. It was like being in my own multiverse of madness. However, thanks to the faculty of both NAFL and Stanford, I was able to keep my spirits high and sail through with ease".

NAFL proctored the exams at school, and he has successfully earned himself 3 credits! Fantastic effort, Sandeep!

Shreya tops in the University of Waterloo’s Avogadro Chemistry Competition!

Shreya Shiju (Cambridge AL) participated through TLUPS - American Mathematics Competitions, Enrichment Programs, in University of Waterloo’s Avogadro Chemistry Competition. She did brilliantly, emerging 3rd in India and 26th in the world! Amazing work, Shreya!

Science Olympiad 2021-22 – National Winner!

AARAV ARJUN (Grade 7) is the proud National Winner of the Middle School Science Olympiad conducted in 2021-22. He wins a certificate, gold medal and a cash award of Rs. 5000/-! Heartiest congratulations, Aarav! Way to go!

Aarav Arjun
Aarav Arjun
Aarav Arjun Certificate
Certificate of Achievement
India’s Topper!

At the recently concluded International Informatics Olympiad conducted by Silverzone Olympiad, PRANEEL PRABU (Grade 2) has done brilliantly for his level! His deep interest in computers and skills in logical reasoning helped him beat the competition and emerge the country’s top winner! Congratulations, Praneel! So proud of you!

Praneel Prabhu
TERI Winners!

GOWRI UMESHA participated in the The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)Debate Competition on climate change and proved her mettle in the tough challenge. In the first round, participants had to send a video of their speech on adaptation to climate change. Out of 2000 participants, the top 6 were selected for the debate. Gowri was among this elite few! Her group then went on to win the competition on the topic of Climate Adaptation vs Climate Mitigation. Well done, Green Warrior!

VISHNUPRIYA S BABU (Grade 5) created a ‘Book of Knowledge – Importance of Vaccines’ as a product to spread awareness on issues related to the COVID 19 outbreak. ​It was one of the 25 winning projects at an all-India 'School Action Project’ competition organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Well done, Vishnupriya!

ADVIKA SENTHIL KUMAR (Grade 4) created a game ‘VAC-MAN’ similar to the popular game ‘Pac-Man’ to create awareness on the emerging challenges of the virus outbreak and the importance of Covid-19 vaccines. ​She too was one of the 25 winners for best project at an all-India 'School Action Project’ competition organised by TERI. Keep shining, Advika!

MYRAA KANSHAL (Grade 5) participated in the GREEN Olympiad 2021 (Green Skills+ Environment and Sustainable Development) organised by TERI and secured a certificate of distinction for her excellent performance. GREEN Olympiad is a premier MCQ based examination on environment and sustainable development and draws from the UN Decade of ESD and Global Action Programme (GAP). Keep it up, Myraa!

Achievement at the Queen's University Belfast Story Writing Competition!

Shruti R Mankhale of A Level and Suveena Suresh of AS participated in the prestigious Queen's University Belfast short story competition this year. We are delighted to announce that Shruti R Mankhale has been chosen as a runner-up in the competition for her story 'One Day The Sky Turned Blue'. In addition to her story being published on their website, she has received a cash award too!

One of the judges, Kelly McCaughrain, has provided the following feedback for Shruti

One Day The Sky Turned Blue – This story was so original and intriguing. I loved the concept of the sky ‘turning blue’. Anay was an endearing character that I enjoyed spending time with, and I thought the writing really brought her to life through the quirky way she sees the world and other people. This story contained a lot to think about and I think it will stay with me for a long time.

Shruti & Suveena have each won a complimentary copy of 100 poems by Seamus Heaney.

Ustat Kaur Sethi
Suveena Suresh
Keerthi Nair
Shruti R. Mankhale
TIMELAPSE - Fashionistas! 2021-2022

ANIKA NAGESH GOWDA (11 ISC B) and CHESTA NAHAR (AS), displayed immense creativity in the fashion event, Avant Gardishte, at Timelapse, a cultural fest hosted by NPS Rajajinagar on 27 & 28 August 2021. In the final round, the participants had to re-style and design used clothes into a futuristic look, tying it into the theme of sustainable fashion.

Anika won the First Prize and Chesta won the Third Prize for their innovative creations. Well done!

Chesta 2
Chesta 1
NAFL's Spelling Champion

WIZ National Spell Bee, a spelling competition that combines learning with fun and competition, saw our NAFLER do really well for himself!

V VISHWA, Grade 9ICSE, stood 7th in India in the overall tally. One of his rewards for being a finalist was an opportunity to attend a pilot program in Robotics & AI offered by LETSROBO, a US based company! Great work, Vishwa!

Ukraine Minifootball Women's World Cup, 2021-2022

VIBHA S VIVEK, our student of grade 10 ICSE won great honour for her prowess in football. She was selected to represent Team India through her club and played at the very first Ukraine Minifootball Women's World Cup in August! The team came third in the overall tally!

Minifootball is a variation of association football, in which each team fields five players (four outfield players and a goalkeeper). Other differences include a smaller pitch, smaller goals, and a reduced game duration. Matches are played indoors, or outdoors on artificial grass pitches that may be enclosed within a barrier or a "cage" to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area and keep the game constantly flowing.

Vibha S Vivek 2
Vibha S Vivek 3
Vibha S Vivek 4
Cogito Merx

Ustat Kaur Sethi (AL) & Keerthi Nair (AL) tapped into business acumen with great flair and creativity, winning the Second Prize at Cogito Merx, a Business fest hosted by NPSI Mysore. Shruthi R & Lakshya Venkatesh of 12 ISC Com also qualified to the final four after rigorous rounds in the same event. Congratulations!

Ustat Kaur Sethi
Ustat Kaur Sethi
Keerthi Nair
Keerthi Nair

Be it tackling legal cases with razor-sharp wit, spinning a yarn on superheroes, or mesmerising the audience with a melodious Taylor Swift number, our students did it all with great confidence at Impressionz'21, the Humanities and Cultural Fest hosted by NPS Chennai. Well done, winners!

Shruti R Mankhale
Shruti R Mankhale (AL)
First Prize in Pen n Prose
Jahannavi Nikkam
Jahannavi Nikkam (AL)
First Prize in The Voice
Rajath S
Rajath S (AL)
Second Prize in Suits
Inceptra' 21

From creative marketing strategies to crisis management, to designing policies, these NAFLers displayed excellent entrepreneurial skills at Inceptra '21, the Commerce & Humanities fest hosted by NPS HSR. Great work!

Shruti R Mankhale
Anushka V (11 ISC Com)
Third Prize in Deal or No Deal
Vaishnav Das
Vaishnav Das (11 ISC Com)
Third Prize in Galadriel
Nihal KS
Nihal KS (11 ISC Com)
Third Prize in Galadriel
Shashank Danda
Shashank Danda
(11 ISC Com)
Third Prize in Lights Business Action
Pradyumna Kowshik
Pradyumna Kowshik
(11 ISC Com)
Third Prize in Lights Business Action
Hriday Bhutada
Hriday Bhutada
(12 ISC Com)
Third Prize in Lights Business Action
Shreya Shiju - National Winner of PsyQuiz'21

Shreya Shiju, our Cambridge AS student, is the National Winner of PsyQuiz'21! The online national interschool quiz competition conducted by Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling saw some tough competition with top schools from around the country vying for the top slot! Congratulations, Shreya!

Model United Nations, TISB

A large delegation from NAFL’s Middle School, participated in TISB’s Model United Nations held virtually on October 31st and November 1st, 2020. The students were part of six committees and enjoyed the tough interactions. Several among the team walked away with awards and helped NAFL win Outstanding Large Delegation Award!

  • Abhay Gogeneni (Grade 6): Best Position Paper - COPOUS
  • Anusha Marcharaddi (Grade 6): Honorable Delegate  - International Press
  • Rohan N Gupta (Grade 6): Best Position Paper - Percy Jackson
  • Shamitha Rajesh Suryavamshi (Grade 7):  Best Position Paper - SOCHUM
  • Shreyas Padmanabhan (Grade 7): Special Mention
  • Vachan B Hindiskere (Grade 8): Special Mention
Gallery Images
Abhay Gogeneni
Gallery Images
Anusha Marcharaddi
Gallery Images
Rohan N Gupta
Gallery Images
Shamitha Rajesh Suryavamshi
Gallery Images
Shreyas Padmanabhan
Gallery Images
Vachan B Hindiskere

In the Senior School events, Raksha  Gopinath (Grade 11), won the first place in ‘The Body Canvas’ competition at VIVUM, TISB. Dhruva Vorkady and Krish Shah (Grade 12) won Third Place in ‘Reel it Out’, a filmmaking competition based on the theme ‘Comedic Stereotypes of Covid 19’. 

Gallery Images
Raksha  Gopinath
Gallery Images
Dhruva Vorkady
Gallery Images
Krish Shah

Anshul A Krishnaswamy and Diya Suhas (Grade 11) bagged First Place in ‘Suits’ at TISB’s Xavage 2020. Esha Anand (Gr 12) won the Third Place in ‘Economic Timed’ at the same event.

Gallery Images
Anshul A Krishnaswamy
Gallery Images
Diya Suhas
Gallery Images
Esha Anand
Plunge Within 2020, NPSI Chennai

Plunge Within 2020 was a uniquely crafted event for Middle School hosted virtually by NPSI, Perumbakkam, Chennai, on 19 December 2020. The participants pushed boundaries of logic, critical thinking and creativity in over 12 events across Science, Cyber, Literary and Math arenas. Our NAFLERS won several of the competitions.

  • Vishwa V (Grade 8) won First Place in the ‘9 Gems’ Math event
  • Esha Nahar (Grade 7) was the winner in ‘Twist the Tale’
  • Maithri S Rao (Grade 6) won First Place in ‘Digital Call’ in the Cyber events, while Dheetya Sasankota (Grade 6) received a Special Mention for her performance in this event
  • Jiya Shetty (Grade 6 ) won First Place in ‘Verse vs. Verse’, poetry writing
  • Roshni Aruna Gupta (Grade 6) was the First Runner Up in ‘Lab Wiz’.
  • Shashank Rajeev (Grade 7) won a Special Mention in the Science events.
  • Amogh R and Damini Dhar (Grade 7) both received Special Mentions for ‘E-Tales’ in the Cyber events
Gallery Images
Vishwa V
Gallery Images
Esha Nahar
Gallery Images
Maithri S Rao
Gallery Images
Jiya Shetty
Gallery Images
Roshni Aruna Gupta
Resurgence 2020, Bishop Cottons

Edha Reddy, Esha Anand and Sameeksha ​R (Grade 12) won First Position at ‘Crashonomics’ held at ​Resurgence 2020 hosted ​by Bishop Cottons Boys School on ​10th and 11th September 2020. The competition tested ability to question economic concepts and apply them to policy making.

Gallery Images
Edha Reddy
Gallery Images
Esha Anand
Gallery Images
Sameeksha R
Debattle 2020

Diya Suhas (Grade 11) was a Finalist at Debattle 2020, overcoming a tough fight to the top!

Gallery Images
Diya Suhas
Mathrix 2020, NPS Indiranagar

At Mathrix 2020 hosted by National Public School, Indiranagar, Lasya K P, and Krish S Shah (Grade 12) won the First Prize in ‘Abstraction’. Bhavik Doshi (Grade 10) and Sameeksha Sudhakar (Grade 12) won the Second Prize at ‘Maximus’. In ‘Seg Fault’, Amisha Pai (Grade 10), Anurag Mallya and Vedanth Dinesh (Grade 12) took the Third Prize in the team event.

Project Inspire

The Inspire Award-MANAK, executed by the Department of Science & Technology with the National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF) for students in the age group of 10-15 and studying in classes 6 to 10, got lucky for NAFL! The objective of the scheme is to target one million original ideas/innovations rooted in science and societal applications to foster a culture of creativity and innovate thinking among school children. We sent five entries from our school and three students got selected for the next level. NAFLERS selected for the district level from are – Jiya R. Shetty (grade 6), Vivaan Rochlani (Grade 7) and Athirai Anand (Grade 8). They have each won a cash prize of ₹10,000.

Jiya’s innovative idea spins around weaving spider silk for ropes and bullet-proof vests. Vivaan has a working prototype app, WAVE, to relieve computer eye strain especially with the world going online for all their daily needs in pandemic times. Athirai has set out ideas for a low-cost Smart Stick for the visually challenged which also has features to be integrated with a mobile app via a smart phone.

We wish our students all success!

Gallery Images
The Winners
Individual Achievements

V VISHWA (Grade 8) did himself proud throughout the year and added many feathers to his cap!

  • WIZ National Spell Bee – State Level Qualified
  • Crest Spell Bee Summer Olympiad (CSB) – State Rank
  • Crest Spell Bee Winter Olympiad (CSBW) – Rank 1 - International
  • Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) – 1 (School Rank), 64 (Zonal Rank), 77(Regional Rank)
  • IMO Exam – Rank 15 International

ADITYA RAJIV RATNAM (Grade 6) kept himself busy through the lockdown and added several awards to his collection!

  • Concours d’été (Foreign Languages Department, Loyola College) – French Quiz Competition - First Prize
  • Qshala – Young Photographer Contest, Sunday Family Quiz, Tagline – First Prize
  • Competition, Best New Year Resolution, Long Visual Connect – First Prize
  • Podium School Quiz – ‘India, its Land & People’, Chess Quiz – First Prize
  • Qriosity National Level Quiz (History Diaries) – Second Prize

At the iNAVMO & iMMO - Gamma Mental Maths Olympiad -
SAMYAM GIRISH (Grade 7) was ranked 6 and won the National Champion Trophy & Certificate of Excellence.
SANDEEP SARAVANAKUMAR (Grade 10) won a Silver Medal and the National Champion Trophy.
ANUPAMA RAO (Grade 9) won the National Champion Trophy.

USTAT SETHI (AS) won Special Mentions at  Resurgence, VIVUM and at the CGMPAR- Model Parliament event. She was selected into the Editorial Team of the October 2020 Edition of GXrls in STEM, a Science publication for students in Georgetown, Washington, USA. A talented Haiku poet, she has had her poems published in the Basho & Triveni Calendar for 2021. Her artwork was also published in the FemkuMag.

AMISHA PAI (Grade 10) won the Grand Prize at the World Summit Finals of Technovation Challenge 2020 for her app Zesha that helps Alzhiemer patients and their caregivers.

SUVEENA SURESH (Grade 10) was selected to have her sonnet published at the 2020 iWrite Short Stories by Kids for Kids Publishing Contests Vol. II, Theme: ‘Outer Space’.

KANNIKA SHIVPAL (Grade 10), Animal Rights & Environmental Activist and Founder of Project Civet, an NGO that addresses these issues, was selected to speak at a TedX Talk in January 2021!

RISHABH PRASHOBH (Grade 9), Water Conservationist and Founder of Mission Jal, has been all in the news for his activism on water conservation. He was featured in the Better India website and delivered an IBM Podcast – ‘My Journey as a Water Warrior’. He won a Rising Star Award at the Namma Bengaluru Challenge. He was also a Finalist at Sony BBC’s Young Earth Champions. Way to go!

The Chairman's Cup 2019 (Junior Boys)

A new addition to The Chairman’s Cup 2019 was the Junior Boys segment that was added to the game plan! We had strong participation from the NPS Group of Schools and leading ICSE and IGCSE schools.

NPS, Koramangala

Presidency School

Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
The Chairman's Cup 2019 (Senior Boys & Girls)

The Chairman’s Cup 2019 was another exciting time at NAFL, with hard fought matches and sharp talent on display! We were delighted to walk away with the Runners Trophies in both the Senior Boys and Girls tournaments!

Boys: TISB
Girls: NPS, Indiranagar

Boys: NAFL
Girls: NAFL

Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Unitum Symposium 2019 - NPS Mysore MUN

NAFL sent a large delegation to NPS Mysore’s first ever Model United Nations event, ‘Unitum Symposium 2019’. The three-day event saw nearly 138 delegates, from 8 schools in Mysore and Bangalore, participate from 22 July to 24 July 2019. NAFL emerged the top team and earned the BEST DELEGATION Award!

Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Gallery Images
Oxford MUN

NAFL’s talented students from Grades 9 and 10 participated in the first-ever Oxford MUN held from October 9th - 11th, 2019 at Suntec City Convention Center, Singapore. It was an amazing opportunity for our young intellectuals to learn on their own and from peers around Southeast Asia. Arnav Jindal did NAFL proud by winning a Best Delegate Award!

Gallery Images
Gallery Images
NAFL wins the National Finance Olympiad 2017-2018

Four of our dazzling NAFLers, Rakshashri, Siddarth Vinay, Shivani and Sanyukta, stole the show in Delhi on February 2nd, 2017 at the International Finance Olympiad which is an annual event conducted by Indian Institute of Financial Markets along with The Economic Times. It was conducted in three levels, one at the school, regional and national level. At the national level there were six participating teams from India and Middle East. Each and every question was challenging and there was stiff competition, but our “NAFL Finance Wizards” left the audience in awe.

The grind the students went through while preparing for the event helped them bag the first place, winning a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000/- for the second time in a row.

NAFL wins the National Finance Olympiad 2015-2016

The National Finance Olympiad (NFO) is a yearly event organised by the International Institute of Financial Markets (IIFM) and sponsored by The Economic Times. A national level financial quiz competition, the aim of the NFO, is to encourage young students to learn more about the financial world and make them familiar with the need and the art of managing money.

Targeted at students studying in Grades 8 to 12, it is open for all streams i.e. Science, Commerce & Arts. There are three levels in this national level competition: The School Olympiad Round (level 1), The Regional Olympiad Round (level 2) and the final National Olympiad Round (level 3) at Delhi.

This year students from NAFL participated in the NFO 2015-2016 and four students, Shruthi Raghunandan (Grade 8), Sai Premnath (Grade 9), Aishwarya Ramanath (Grade 11) and Sunny Roshan (Grade 11) were shortlisted from Level 1 and Level 2 to participate in the Grand Finale National Round held at Delhi. The other schools which qualified for the National Round were Mount Abu Public School, Delhi, St. Kabir Public School, Chandigarh, Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai, Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie, and DPS, Kuwait.

At the Grand Finals held at Delhi, the day began with an official lamp lighting ceremony by the chief guests Mr Ompal Singh and Dr Alok Puranik. The six finalist schools competed in the first couple of rounds such as Fantastic Four and Book Keeping: The questions in these rounds were well crafted and the six teams fought hard to make it to the final three. NAFL made it to the final round amidst stiff competition. The intensity of the final round was quite high as the three teams were all highly competitive. All four students of NAFL performed really well with no weak link and, in a nail biting finish, clinched the title. The students were awarded a trophy and the first place cash prize of Rs 1,00,000. They were appreciated by one and all present at the competition. They have made everyone proud and this is indeed another feather in NAFL’s cap!

Congratulations to OUR Fantastic Four ~ Shruthi, Sai, Aishwarya and Sunny! Well done, indeed!

NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, Koramangala - Hackathon

Kaushik Balasundar, Aditya Pai B and Jaimin Vasanth Gandhi - 1st place

Abhinav S Sharaff, Nikhil Prasad and Shashank Vasanth - 2nd place

Varsha Rajesh and Nina Karun, First runners-up for Astronomy Advance to Australia, India international schools video competition 2014.

Cambridge English Language Assessment and the Australian Trade Commission ran a video competition where students had to demonstrate their English skills and creativity to create a 3-minute video.

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) India is a robotic program for 9 to 16 year olds, which is designed to get children excited about science and technology.

A team of 6 NAFL children, named 'Dhanya', (an acronym of all team members' names) won the regional round in FLL of building a robotic project and were among 36 finalists who competed in the National round in Delhi on 5th and 6th - their placement is still to be announced. Congratulations to Shreyas S. Iyer, Suthanth S. Kashyapa, Dhiya Virendra, Arundhati D'Cruz, Shravya S. Iyer, Amulya Doss.

Karan Agrawal, Head boy, grade XII, scored a perfect 800/800 in Mathematics in his SATs! congratulations!

Anezka Kurien, grade XII, will participate in the American Protege International Vocal Comprtation 2014 Recital on 21 December, 2014, at Carnegie Hall, New York.

Karan Agrawal, Head boy, grade XII, had the great opportunity of attended a three-week long programme on Robotics by the University of Pennsylvania, a college-level course. The only Indian candidate selected, Karan had 34 other participants from the US, China, UK and Korea to learn and work with. An amalgamation of mechanics, electronics and programming, the final task of this intensive workshop was to build a robotic military tank. Karan says he thoroughly enjoyed the accelerated learning (classes were from 10 am to 10 pm!), the challenges and the team work that made this academic experience so valuable and memorable! He scored a 4/4 GPA for the course….Well done, indeed, Karan, and congratulations!

Khush Shah, grade IX, was selected to be part of Lourde Vijay’s dream dance troupe from Bangalore to compete in an international dance world cup competition at Portugal in July’ 14. He participated in two junior group events: the street dance and hip-hop categories, winning 2nd place internationally in both events! Congratulations, Khush – may you keep furthering this awesome talent!

Results of Inter-school Competitions
  1. Odyssey
    • Daivik Dinesh, Yash Shukla, Madan Bagur, Meghana S. Satish - 1st place - Indian Fusion Music
    • Disha Mittal, Anisha M.Krishna, Pranav Agarwal – 2nd place - Ingenio
  2. Presidency Group of Schools - WOW (Wordsmith competition)
    • Ashwin Murthy - Finalists
    • Hari Choudhary - Finalist in Elocution
  3. Sishu Griha Model UN Mock United Nations Conference (MUN)
    • Karthik Tadepalli - Honourable Delegate
    • Nikhil Chengappa - Silver Medal - Admirable Position Paper
    • Aditya Govindraj – Bronze Medal - Best Position Paper & Special Mention
    • Adithi C. Vedante - Special Mention
    • Diya Jayanth Kamdar– Bronze Medal - Special Mention
  4. National Public School, Indiranagar - Engenius
    • Anagha Bhat, Sai Premnath – 1st place in Quiz
    • Madhavi N.Rao, Malini Narayan, Ria M. Kharosekar, Meghana S. – 2nd place - Chase the Classics
  5. Sophia’s MUN
    • Aushim Nagarkatti - 2nd place - Honourable Delegate
    • Pranav Agarwal - Special Mention
  6. Karuna Animal Welfare Association
    • Malini Narayan - 2nd place - English Essay writing
    • Kriti Agrawal –2nd place – Hindi Essay Writing
  7. State level abacus competition
    • Vignesh S. – 1st place