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NAFLTY: Faculty at NAFL
Personality: Provider, Performer, Nurturer…
Classrooms: Happy, engaging, thriving, learning hubs
Core belief: Children come FIRST!

Current openings at NAFL
Applicants must have a minimum of five years of experience, and have a B.Ed. degree for all teaching positions.

  1. English, Geography, Chemistry (Middle & Senior School with experience teaching the ICSE & IGCSE programmes - Grades 6 to 10)
  2. English, Chemistry (Senior Secondary School with experience teaching the Cambridge A Levels – Grades 11 & 12)
  3. Drama teacher (Lady Teacher only)
  4. Data Entry Operator (Fluency in English and background in Science preferred)
  5. Public Relations Officer

If you identify with the above, and have over five years of experience, do send us your CV to /