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Assessment and Evaluation

All through grades 1 to 12, NAFL has a Continuous Assessment programme, where a variety of inputs by students are assessed and graded – homework , assignments, projects, art work, oral presentations, a group effort, regular tests or work sheets. This helps the students focus on a daily review of concepts learnt and they are ready and confident to take a test anytime.

Periodic Assignments

Assignments vary in nature and the grades go towards the Continuous Assessment (CA). Whether it is a daily assignment, a term-long project or a unit to be worked on and submitted in a week or fortnight, guidelines and expectations are planned ahead by the teacher with the class. Students learn to prioritise and space themselves out so that the preparation that goes into these various outputs is measured, scheduled and completed with care and thoroughness rather than at a frenetic pace.

All grades have a test schedule that teachers fill in as the month proceeds, so that only one test is scheduled for a particular day. This ensures a child’s confident preparation for it, a review the evening before, rather than have to study for two or three tests and burn the midnight oil!

Students of the senior school, grades 9 to 12, have monthly unit tests, the reports of which are presented to parents after each such evaluation.

Term End Assessment

At the end of each of the two terms, students of grades 1 to 5 write a Term Review. This is an assessment of their understanding and recall, and children look forward to it with enthusiasm, not anxiety. Term Reviews are longer-than-usual-worksheets in English Language, Hindi / French, Math, EVS / Social Studies, Science and Computer Studies, each of about 40 minutes duration.

Students of grades 6 to 12 write two exams—the first and second semester examinations in these subjects, of varying duration. The testing calls for them to retain larger portions of subject-content, answer to the varying testing methods and work confidently within a given framework of time.

The report cards, 'Appraisements of Accomplishments' are presented online through Acadamis to the parents at the end of both terms.