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Scholastic Programme

The curriculum offered at NAFL is based on the requirements of both Indian and international education systems. Following a syllabus that has been carefully planned and frequently updated, there is structure to the learning programme along with ample flexibility, thereby giving creativity, critical thinking and involvement in the subject scope to make each topic/ theme interesting and unique. This makes the learning process exciting and spontaneous.

Rather than a rote method of learning up and memorizing, we infuse interest and energy in the class by employing an interactive method of learning together. After the introduction and initial laying down of parameters, children are encouraged to discuss, question and contribute effectively. This promotes the concept of life-long learning, where research skills and study skills are encouraged.

All subjects, right from Montessori and Kindergarten to senior school, are tackled laterally or thematically which make for more sensible learning. For example, when learning about the ancient civilizations in Social Studies in grades 3-6, children might view a documentary: they enjoy it and are also learning (visual inputs are the strongest stimuli). This can be put to effective use by asking students to write reviews on the documentary, in the English Language class. Getting them to access additional information in the library, either individually or in groups, is teaching them how to look for relevant material and make notes. This gathered data could be the base for chart-work or an oral presentation: teamwork, communication skills and presentation skills come into play. A session or two in Art class, rediscovering Egyptian, Indian or Chinese art forms further generates interest—and fun. Math, Geography, social values can all be drawn into the topic to make learning truly lateral, memorable and long-term!

Hand-outs and worksheets are compiled and designed by the teachers with care to make the concept comprehensively and cohesively understood. Graphs, maps, trivia, riders, puzzles, creative inputs, projects and field work all go to make for an involved, interesting learning experience. The curriculum includes core subjects, i.e. the Languages, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies, in addition to general subjects like Computer Science, Art and Design, Music (Western and Indian), Dance, Drama and Work Experience. Specialist teachers provide instruction and guidance in all these areas.