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An amazing family that helped me build friendships with people from different cultures and histories! We were always encouraged to network and get involved in different activities.

Sri Ganga
Class of 2015, Dayanand Sagar College, Bengaluru

What I cherish most about my days at NAFL was the personalized attention that each individual got. As someone who loved to get involved inside and outside the classroom, NAFL provided me countless opportunities to branch out. Right from playing protagonist at our annual concert to representing NAFL at local and national Model United Nations Conferences to eventually serving the student body as Head-Boy for 2014-15, I am beyond grateful for each opportunity NAFL provided me to develop myself holistically. I am fortunate to have found amazing mentors and teachers that provided me the launchpad to succeed and enriching friendships that I'll surely treasure for the rest of my life.

Karan Agrawal
Class of 2015, Corporate Strategy at Dell in Austin, TexasDell | Georgia Tech

NAFL Day practices, organisation of Teachers Day, Bharath Divas... when the girls wore saris for the first time and, of course, the countless memories and friends I made that will last a lifetime!

Akhila Narayan
Class of 2013, Fashion Stylist, University of East London, UK

Excellent in every aspect! Would love to go back to those days!

Dr. Reshma. R,
Class of 2012, Dentist, DAPM RV Dental College

Unorthodox and fun environment to grow up in!

Anshuman Dube,
Class of 1999, Director Technology, India; Managing Director, Malaysia (SE Asia Operations), Ducom Instruments

The teachers were excellent! I remember all of them very well. It's my opinion that sports and extracurricular exposure is really important for every child's upbringing and teaches them a lot in its own way which is what I loved at NAFL. I'm sure the balance between Academics, Sports and Extracurricular activities are what children at NAFL still receive today!

Robin Srivastava,
Class of 2006, Founder, Nineteen Eleven (Social Media Management & Marketing, Graphic & UI/UX Design)

NAFL for me is a place that has helped me become a strong, confident and accountable person that I have become today. It was absolutely amazing from the teachers that I’ve met, to the friends I've made. The incredible staff is incredible and always gives individual attention to students, helping us to grow and learn, build a healthy work ethic and providing a nurturing environment for the students. I cherish all my experiences, lessons and memories at NAFL, as they’ve proved to be an integral part of my life.

Farhaan Lala,
Class of 2015, Airline Pilot

Made good friends

Class of 2003, Principal Engineer, Apple Inc

Spent 4 years making loads of friends and lots of fun memories

Amartya Batabyal,
Class of 2019, Student, St. Joseph's College

Thinking back to my NAFL days definitely brings back a lot of fond memories- being involved in the planning and performances related to the music department at the school was really one of my most favorite extracurricular activities to this date! I have always loved performing at school/watching others perform and NAFL truly provides a wonderful stage and platform to easily showcase and encourage every student’s talent! :)

Daivik Dinesh,
Class of 2015, Computer Engineer/Musician, UC Davis

Very warm school with teachers who are truly committed to educating, caring and supporting their students.

Sandhya Garimella,
Class of 2018, Student, Ashoka University

Having spent 11 years at NAFL, for me, NAFL became my second home. Every morning I felt as if I am coming back home and meeting my teachers and friends as my parents and siblings. The moments spent on the ground sharing our lunch boxes, the joy of winning a game for NAFL at any sport event, the Teacher’s Day celebration when we made Mrs IJK to dance in her wheel chair ( as she had injured her leg) and the melodious voice of Mrs Koshy on mike during assemblies and events. Oh! Sooo many great moments and all such moments have shaped my life…miss U NAFL, miss my NIHAL House!!

Tanishka Nahar,
Class of 2018, Student, UWC Singapore

I was a newbie to the school in the year 2000 and I was a mediocre student with absolutely no extracurricular skills. I don't know what magic NAFL had on my life that I became an ace student and an all-rounder to become the House Captain and a contender for School Head Girl as well. Post that, I have got all successes in life. This school means everything to me; the students were so friendly, the teachers were incredible and overall a big thumbs up to the school. Loved my three years there and those were the defining three years of my life!

Sonali Rawal,
Class of 2003, Associate Director, Anand Rathi Wealth Services Ltd.