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NAFL is housed in two spacious, well-constructed buildings overlooking its playground. It is equipped with large, well-ventilated classrooms equipped with state-of-the art interactive panels, extensive, user-friendly libraries, an enviable computer laboratory, roof-top science laboratories, aesthetic art rooms, music room, dance room, a sound-proof screening room as well as a 300-seating capacity auditorium. Adequate space and facilities for soccer, cricket, volleyball, throw ball and basketball with highly trained, full-time physical education instructors, provide for a strong sports and fitness programme at NAFL.

Chartered buses ply from different parts of the city, making it easy and convenient for students to commute to school and back.


Reading holds great sway at school. We have built up our reading wealth over the years and have two library rooms—one for the juniors and one for senior school. Well stocked and regularly replenished, we have well over 2,00,000 books that include fiction and non-fiction with graded levels of reading, beginning with the pre-primary school, right up to the senior school. Besides, magazines, periodicals and several daily newspapers add to the enrichment programme. The reference section is formidable: it has 6 different sets of encyclopedias, and excellent reference books on all subjects, with separate reference book sections for the senior school curricula.

Our open-shelf policy allows students enjoy browsing before taking books home. The primary grades have two library periods a week and the rest of the classes go in once a week. Apart from treasured reading time, we steer games, quizzes, guessing games on authors, titles and book-characters, book reviews, poster-making and fun worksheets that stimulate informed reading habits. Good reading routines in children lead to the ability to interpret, analyse and appreciate various kinds of writing. We award ‘Best Reader’ prizes to children of each grade at the end of the academic year. Our NAFL library is a place we all love to spend time, soaking in the happy tome in our hands and the calm, well laid out surroundings...

The Computer Laboratory

The academic curriculum includes Computer Studies from grade 1 to 12. Students enjoy theory and practical classes in the subject. Our newly upgraded computer laboratory enables each child to work independently in well-designed work stations, engaging with MS Word, Paint, Excel, PowerPoint, Jawa and much, much more.

The Language Room

Here, we carry out various interactive activities in English, Hindi and French, ranging from individual or group presentations, debates, discussions, role play, elocution or drama. Audio–visual aids are used to enhance the learning experience in all languages.

The Social Studies Room

This room houses maps, charts, 2 and 3D models and projects of our children; you can transport yourself down through History and wrap yourself up in the wonder of regional and physical Geography.

The Math Lab

The Math Lab material provides experiential learning of abstract mathematical concepts in the junior school. Basic operations are taught through counting rods, place value cups, abacus, star cards and many more. Middle and senior sections learn through the interactive panels about algebraic and geometric concepts with the use of 2D and 3D figures.

The Audio Visual Room

Dedicated to furthering student interest and knowledge using visual stimuli, we take every opportunity to present documentaries, YouTube videos, film clips and other trending news items that combine watching, learning and doing. PowerPoint presentations, short films and photo-shoot presentations for academic purposes, assemblies, projects, quizzes and school events are a great draw among the students and generate so much enthusiasm.

The Science Laboratories

Spacious and well lit, the Science laboratories are equipped with the latest apparatus catering to the practical application of our Physics, Chemistry and Biology curricula of all grades. The hub of a lot of work, the Science laboratory is accessible to all grades starting from Montessori up to Grade 12.

The STEM Lab

Another exciting addition to the science and Math programme at NAFL is the STEM Lab, set up exclusively for the middle and high school students. Students are trained in Design Thinking and Prototyping in project based education. They learn to use Arduino UNO Sensors and electronic components from specially designed Innovator Series Kits and design and construct robotic marvels through group collaboration and critical thinking. We ensure classroom education stimulates students to convert their ideas into reality.

The Reading Programme

An enrichment programme to strengthen reading skills, our primary school classrooms have a reading corner in every classroom as well as in the library. We work at enhancing and improving English vocabulary, reading and writing skills as well as speaking and communication. Graded according to levels of difficulty, we offer written and oral tasks for re-inforcement and life skills development. The children have ready access to any book they want and the element of choice creates readers with a lifelong passion for books.

The Music Room

Music classes in Western and Indian vocal training draw the students to the Music Room twice a week. Folk, devotional, inspirational, popular and children’s songs in English, French, Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit are all part of our repertoire. Our SaPa classes through the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts for grades 1 to 6 develop a strong sense of culture through music and nurture next generation performers through exciting global musical exchanges and dialogues.