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NAFL Green

An initiative launched by the students themselves in the year 2017-2018, NAFL Green is a whole school movement to make a difference for planet Earth.

NAFL Green is an ambitious school project to inculcate awareness and social responsibility towards the environment.

Students and teachers alike are consciously reducing the wastage of paper, electricity and water.

An organised strategy is being implemented beginning with measurement. Measurement involved drawing estimates of how much waste we produce, electricity we consume, resources we exploit and water that is used in school.

Keeping with NAFL Green, all students and teachers were given an opportunity to make a clay Ganesha with tulsi seeds embedded, so the 'immersion' (as per custom) could be done in a pot. As a result, they add to the greenery at home (tulsi plant) and prevent pollution.

NAFL students are actively taking charge to reduce the carbon footprints in school.

Here’s to a greener and more sustainable future.