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Parent Engagement Initiative

Our Middle School Parent Engagement Initiative (PEI) in January 2024 focused on financial literacy awareness, as directed by the CISCE Board. The primary objective was to explore prudent spending and effective saving while fostering a forward-thinking approach to money management. Parents of the three levels were invited to school to study how NAFL classrooms instil essential skills such as analysis, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving.

  • Grade 6 focussed on how opportunity costs determine decision-making in daily life and how Needs and Wants must be balanced. Their case study scenario involved spending prize money for classroom needs and the long-term impact.
  • Grade 7 designed a dream space with practical financial considerations. At the end of the activity, students read and signed the "Be Prudent Pledge," committing to spending wisely.
  • Grade 8 studied family assets, liabilities and equity before deciding on overseas college choices and financial options to fund tuition costs. Students formulated financial plans to reduce the chance of accumulating debt by setting.

Insightful guidance from the faculty and enthusiastic parent involvement, left a happy afterglow on our students!

Parents speak:

  • A beautiful demonstration of finances and the kids gave a brilliant insight into finances. Hats off!
  • It's a good initiative to sensitise students towards financial literacy.
  • I personally learnt a lot from this experience! Thanks for the opportunity.
  • A great start to understand financial implications at early stage of students’ life. Thank you.
  • I feel that the session had to be for a longer duration.
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8