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1M1B Future Leaders

Future Leaders is a programme designed to find and nurture the most promising youth leaders in the community and make them influence leaders of the 21st century. Students undergo a 45-hour learning programme to develop community projects that create a real impact. Selected students are given an opportunity to present their work at the United Nations headquarters in New York each year. The programme involves 12 hours of lectures, mentoring sessions and office hours spread across Friday and Saturday every month. The total duration of the course is approximately four months. Colleges and universities value project management and future skills like empathy, collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills that are developed in this programme, not to mention the international exposure gained.

1M1B’s mission is to activate 1 million leaders and entrepreneurs who will impact 1 billion people. 1M1B is affiliated to the United Nations Department of Public Information and has partnerships with UC Berkeley, Tata Trusts and IBM. More information available on: and