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TISB Training Academy (TTA)

We at NAFL believe in continuous professional development courses for the faculty so that we adopt a lifelong learning approach all our life. The positive impact we as teachers have on the holistic growth of our students requires that we keep abreast of changing times and stay relevant and engaging in our classroom.

A wing of NPS that has been involved in teacher training and audits for over a decade under the aegis of TTA has launched Teacher Training Courses for aspiring teachers, newly qualified teachers and experienced teachers taking into consideration the latest advances in Educational Research and Best Practices.

The TISB Training Academy provides high quality professional development courses tailored to meet the needs of teachers and place them in real classrooms to maximise their teaching skills. The TTA offers courses are for:

  • Aspiring teachers who wish to become competent and inspiring educators
  • Practising teachers who wish to upgrade their skills
  • School leaders who wish to upgrade their skills

All courses offered combine the latest advances in educational research with accepted international best practices. An exciting partnership with the University of Nottingham also offers a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (international) or PGCEi. To find out more, please visit