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NAFL has done a simply fantastic job in getting NRI children get used to school life in India. We were so worried relocating from UK, but our two boys simply love the school now! The whole team knows exactly how to do it!

Dr. Puranik

NAFL has been second home to our kids and for us. We have the highest regard for the school and the teachers and can vouch for the values it instills.

Krishnaraj & Sumathy

I want to appreciate the brilliant idea of taking AL children to MRVS, Mandikal, and for giving them the experience of teaching and facilitating younger children. I wish to thank all the teachers who worked relentlessly towards making that event successful. Ria is richer with that experience; she got so much more than what she expected. My heartfelt thanks to you and your team!

Nayana Kharosekar

I wanted to thank you and the Kindergarten teachers for taking the effort to customise teaching for my daughter to get her up to speed with her class. She’s enjoying it, and that’s really important to me.

Angela Chaudhuri

The school has provided a list of suggested reading for grade 4 - very useful! As parents, we are always searching for the right kind of reading material - this is so useful!

The cultural event on 15th August was outstanding; NAFL programmes are always of a high standard and this was really good!

Anju Gupta

We would like to thank the entire staff, especially the P.E. Teacher, at NAFL and specifically yourself for the support you have provided during Pradyumna's injury and subsequent recovery period.

Roopa Subramanyam & Ramkumar Kowshik

The kids asked some really brilliant questions at the workshop!
-When you use technology with your music, which is more important?
- I can hear your violin even though you aren't near the mike. How is that possible?
- Do you rehearse together? What happens if one of you goes wrong?

Dr. Bindu Subramaniam
Subramaniam Academy of Performance Arts (SaPa)

We conducted an Arduino Projects Workshop at the wonderful premises of National Academy for Learning (NAFL). We have to admit that this was one of the best batches of students we have ever had the pleasure of conducting a workshop for! The students were attentive, very bright and proactive with respect to the exercises and builds planned for them. We hope to conduct more and more DIY Electronics/Creative Technology workshops at NAFL very soon! Kudos to the NAFL teachers and staff for inculcating their students' brilliant attitude towards hands-on learning!

Kavita Arora,
Makespace and Open Source Creativity