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We are equally delighted to hear this joyous news of Siddhartha's standing in the Cambridge rankings. (Top in World in Chemistry & Computer Science; Top in Country (Overall) We'd like to express our sincere gratitude to the teachers and staff of the school in this journey. These accomplishments, we believe, stem from consistent nurturing and affection shown to the students. He found this unwavering support throughout his stint at NAFL… We are proud to be the parents of our NAFLER!

Anu & Rajeev Ramaswamy

We are very happy and proud to hear the news that Snigdha has topped Global Perspectives AS in India. The faculty at NAFL has been extremely supportive, inspiring and motivating the students to aspire and achieve. We are extremely grateful and thankful to the institution.

Gita Sureka & Hari Kiran

We received a call from the school intimating us that our son (grade 4) has ranked #4 internationally in the Math Olympiad…I would like to take a moment to recognise the brilliant work done by all the teachers across the grades (Maths and other subjects alike) who have kept our son’s curiosity to learn and enthusiasm to excel, alive. I remember Indira Ma'am, back in his grade 2 days, informing the Maths teachers to give him special Maths sheets to keep his interest in the subject, as he was slightly ahead of the class in syllabus. All those efforts have come to bear fruit. Thank you.

Dhruv Kumar & Shivani Gupta

Our older son has spent around 13 years in NAFL, and we really appreciate the entire school staff from day one till date, who took the responsibility in shaping his bright future. He will really miss the NAFL school environment for sure. Our younger boy has shaped up from a young toddler to a responsible kid in Primary School. I appreciate the efforts of the teaching staff of NAFL and would like to personally thank each one of them.

Vinay Javagal

Thank you for your time on the call today. Your support to the problem our child is facing, provided great relief to us. We are very grateful for your empathy and support in her well-being.

NAFL Parents

Our sons’ education at NAFL from 1st to 10th grade has been everything we had hoped for when we moved here. A perfect balance of support, care, push and collective strive to excel. We would love to continue at NAFL for the next 2 years.

NAFL Parents

Our children are very fond of their teachers including some of their earlier teachers from Primary school. We will see a lot of changes and challenges as they head into their teenage years and start having a mind of their own! Thanks a lot for taking care of our kids year on year and helping us bring them up with good values.

NAFL Parents

Thank you so much. Your mail gives me positivity and I am glad that my child is in safe hands being a NAFLER.

A NAFL Parent

I really appreciate your professional way of handling the situation due to an incident in the school today involving my child. My sincere thanks to the class teacher for exercising utmost care and demonstrating maturity towards this. My trust and respect for the NAFL management has been reaffirmed as always.

A NAFL Parent

Thank you, Ma’am, and your wonderful team of teachers and administrative staff for all the timely support! You personally have helped us with your insights and that has been of great help in taking some of the decisions. Really appreciate it, Ma'am. Hope to meet you sometime soon along with our son.

A former NAFL Parent

Happy Teacher's Day to you, Ma'am. Thank you for all your guidance and support given to us for our child. It was impossible without you. There are so many things to learn from you. There are so many things in which you inspire us. Happy Teacher's Day!

A former NAFL Parent

It is not easy to write this mail, particularly considering the care and attention given to my son every year at NAFL by the respective Principals and the staff. The attention and concern he and the parents received from you during troubled times was the most genuine.

A former NAFL Parent