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The IGCSE Curriculum

NAFL offers the Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced programmes from grade 9 onwards. We are an authorised Cambridge International Centre and permitted to conduct the CAIE Examination in our premises.


The IGCSE programme offered at NAFL since 2000, has flexible choices and combinations of subjects that match student strengths and interests. Students can choose from 5 subject clusters as listed below, with English Language, Math and Language being compulsory.

Students need to take a minimum of 7 subjects, with specific combinations, to get an ICE (International Certificate of Education). We conduct separate admission tests for Additional Mathematics and English Literature due to the rigour of the courses. Students who qualify these tests are eligible to pursue the two subjects. The school also fulfils the lab requirements advised by the Board.

Hand-outs and worksheets are compiled and designed by the teachers with care to make the concept comprehensively and cohesively understood. Graphs, maps, trivia, riders, puzzles, creative inputs, projects and field work all go to make for an involved, interesting learning experience. The curriculum includes core subjects, i.e. the Languages, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies, in addition to general subjects like Computer Science, Art and Design, Music (Western and Indian), Dance, Drama and Work Experience. Specialist teachers provide instruction and guidance in all these areas.

Physics Additional Mathematics Business Studies Computer Science Economics
Chemistry English literature Art History  
Biology Geography      

The IGCSE course lays emphasis on critical inquiry, individual research and problem–solving. In grade 10, only regular students from the affiliated institutions of CAIE are allowed to appear for the Board Examination. Private students are not allowed.


NAFL is an incandescent example of everything a school should be! The CAIE curriculum has been specifically designed to train young minds to dare to explore the possibilities of future and to peer beyond the horizon. This coupled with NAFL's outstanding focus on holistic learning, makes for a truly conducive environment for learning. NAFL has allowed me to spread my wings and to discover what lies beyond the realm of academia.

Keerthi Nair (IGCSE)

The IGCSE curriculum has exposed me to a much wider learning experience. It has certainly been an interesting process.

Shayan Veer (IGCSE)

In our experience in the Cambridge IGCSE Board for two years now, we have learnt and grown so much as individuals, not just academically, but socially as well. IGCSE has been a platform for holistic education where we students learn from a profusion of interconnected topics pertaining to various subjects. NAFL’s IGCSE has presented me the freedom to choose subjects relevant to my passion and the fact that this ideology has been inculcated is what I value the most about this course. As a person, I have learnt to explore in a more pragmatic way and developed my application based thinking skills.

Siddhartha Rajeev (IGCSE)