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1M1B Future Leaders 2020-2021

The spirit of giving is a very important part of the learning programme at NAFL. Despite the lockdown and travel restrictions, we are proud of our special grades 8 and 9 students who continued to work hard in several outreach initiatives that did them proud. A glimpse into their fantastic effort!


“Nayana Prabhe”

Target Segment - Women
Hruthvik Deependu H

Meet Hruthvik, a calm and composed 13 year old from NAFL, Bangalore. His project Nayana Prabhe, aims to provide quality eye care access to garment factory workers and other members of low income community.

He has taken a big step towards ensuring that garment factory workers get proper access to eye treatment and ihas partnered with prominent hospitals to deliver this service. Hruthwik very clear sighted about his long term project goals and always surprises his mentors with his pitching skills and innate ability to persuade others to his point of view.

He envisages a healthy world, one in which people have the wherewithal to deal with health issues they face and are able to overcome all such difficulties.

Impact created so far

Rs. 12,00,000

Funds collected


People impacted directly


Partnerships with hospitals


Target Segment - Women
Ananya Seth
Anupama Rao

Ananya and Anupama, two spunky 9th Graders from NAFL, Bangalore who are firm believers in gender equality and are helping economically disadvantaged women in Bangalore get access to health insurance.

They are passionate about providing access to basic health services to disadvantaged women and are always brainstorming to come up with new ideas to make their project a high impact one. They have reached out schools to conduct awareness sessions for the students and the staff on health insurance and now looking at helping the school staff get access to health insurance. They have worked on partnerships a lot and are now working with different insurance companies to create a larger impact for their user group. They complement each other wonderfully and have shown what perfect teamwork looks like!

Impact created so far

Rs. 36,500

Funds collected


Insurance Policies issued


Sessions conducted


People reached

“TBD (Training Business Development)”

Target Segment - Youth
Adhya Kaddi

Meet Adhya a bright and enthusiastic 8th grader from NAFL, Bangalore who is working towards helping people with little or no income, get a steady income by finding them jobs or help them start their own business.

Adhya wants to help people flourish in the post COVID world. One major challenge that she faced was transitioning from a team of two to being a lone warrior of the project but to say that she did a great job at it would be an understatement. She is always asking the right questions and is very open to taking feedback. Through the project, she has also honed her communication skills significantly.

Adhya firmly believes in the right of every person to a dignified livelihood and stable income and is working to provide access to those without it.

Impact created so far

Rs. 1,00,800

Funds collected


People impacted


Training sessions conducted


Target Segment - Labourers
Mishant Jain

Meet Mishant, an enthusiastic 13-year-old from NAFL, Bangalore who is working to provide the needy, easy access to everyday food without their dignity being questioned! He is solving this major problem by installing open shelves at public places.

He was greatly inspired by the idea of community shelves but due to the pandemic and lockdown following from it, he couldn’t figure out the implementation. Soon, he began taking more and more customer interviews to understand the problem and the viability of the solution. His determination and never give up attitude is what helped him achieve his goal of installing food shelves for the needy.

His aim is to help the underprivileged and needy get their dignity back and he wants to see each and every person on earth to live a stomach filled life.

Impact created so far

Rs. 3,00,800

Funds collected


People impacted directly


Food packages distributed