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1M1B Future Leaders 2022-2023

As part of the One Million For One Billion (1M1B) flagship ‘Future Leaders’ programme, Ananya Seth (AS), Keerthana R (9 IGCSE) and Hruthvik Deependu R (10B) were shortlisted to participate in a three-day event from 14-17 December 2022, at New York to showcase their work at the annual 1M1B Activate to Impact Summit at the United Nations Headquarters.

The summit is a platform for young changemakers to showcase their projects ranging from poverty to unemployment and mental health to wage gap and their impact at the global level.

Ananya Seth along with her partner presented ‘Project Udaan’, an initiative that aims to bridge the financial gap for economically backward women by getting them into health insurance and policies.

Keerthana’s project titled ‘Minds Aligned’ is striving towards a world with no stigma around mental health and helping people prioritise mental health.

Hruthvik’s project ‘Nayana Prabhe’ helps people from low-income backgrounds, mostly the garment industry, sort out ailments related to the eyes.