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Field Trips

Visit to National Gallery of Modern Art

Art students from Grades 9 to 12 visited NGMA on 17 June 2022, to enjoy a retrospective show on Upendra Maharathi's life and art. The high impact work is best heard from the students themselves!

It was a great experience! The variety of artwork representing different cultures, mediums, techniques, and more was stunning. From the vibrant and intricate weave installation to the rough sketches of artists, one could deeply explore different types of art. I truly enjoyed the visit and hope to go to another gallery soon! Diya Choudhari 10 IGCSE Art.

Upendra Maharathi’s work in the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, was truly something different! He showed a crystal clear interest in topics like Mahatma Gandhi, the life of Buddha, and also personifying Nature. His interest in portraying politics was very evident! The most remarkable work was a linoleum print of Rabindranath Tagore. I liked it because I had done something similar for my art portfolio. The visit to this gallery was a truly unique experience! Dhruva, 10 IGCSE Art.


Visit to BIO-NEST

Bio-NEST at IKP EDEN in Koramangala is a wet-laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment such as biochemistry analyser, thermal cycler, Class II Biosafety cabinets along with cell culture and tissue engineering. Our grade 12 students visited the lab for an exposure to the various areas of stem cell research and were captivated by the inspired work going on at the lab!

Student’s Feedback

It was a fascinating trip! Bio-NEST began as a startup company that generated hydrogen gas from waste to a more sustainable environment. They explained how they developed it from scratch through funding from the IKEP lab. The exposure to the machinery and other equipment in the lab was probably the highlight of the whole visit as this machinery is extremely expensive and rare to find. We were also informed about the various internship opportunities for different age groups. Cancer cells were another important topic we discussed…their research taught us how mundane activities might lead to the development of cancer. It was an unforgettable experience that helped us understand microbiology and entrepreneurship!
- Anvitha Ramachandra, Grade 12 ISC

I really appreciated the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs brimming with new ideas and technology. This gave me a glimpse of the competition and innovations coming up in the real world and was as a real eye opener for me.
- Mihika V Nambiar, AL

I was fascinated to know more about metastatic cancer cells and the drugs that treat them. It was exciting to link the concepts learnt in the classroom and the research in the real world.
- Shreya Rao, AL

As a future Biology scientist, I especially enjoyed the working room, where I saw how engineering plays an integral part in creating medical solutions.
- Karina Bhaskar, AL

I was exposed to all kinds of state-of-the-art technology, such as a 3D printer, which produces drone parts and a magnetic stirrer to help different chemicals. It was good!
- Shreya Shiju, AL


Visit to Cubbon Park

Our students of senior school visit Cubbon Park every year as part of the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhyan Drive’. They contribute to the regular maintenance effort of this lush green 'lung' in the city and beautify a part of the park walls with their creative art work!