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"I should really appreciate the great performance by the children from 1st to 5th. Every one performed and gave their best. I am able to feel and understand the amount of efforts and practice every one has put in this event and you have brought out the hidden talent from every child. Every child was able to perform with out any stage fear. It was a stellar performance and I should appreciate every teacher and staffs behind this effort. All of you did a great job and there is no words to express our gratitude."
R.Raghu [Vice President, Schrodinger]
"This is a small note of appreciation for how well the concert was choreographed and played out this morning. It was an absolute joy to be part of the audience of so wonderfully orchestrated event. Coaching such young children and keeping the focus for the duration is not an easy task, we all know very well. NAFL teachers have proved it yet again that they have mastered the art. Kudos to all the teachers involved. We would like sincerely appreciate the efforts and patience gone in to making it such a grand success. Looking forward to many more engaging years of learning at NAFL for our children, Aria and Adya."
Aruna and Ajay Sampige
"I like NAFL because it teaches us manners and to give respect to others. I like it also for its creativity and enjoyment. Over here we get to do a lot of experiments. All teachers teach lovingly and don’t scold us so much."
Mihika Agarwal (IV B)
"At NAFL we are always getting ready for something—either Sports Day or NAFL Day or Show’n’ Tell or even our exams and Term Reviews. Unlike other schools, every single student in this entire school gets to participate in our big events and the small ones like assemblies. Our teachers are always there to give us a helping hand."
Haniya Fathima (VII)
"At NAFL, I have had many great experiences. This feels more like my home than my school. I love this place!"
Aditya Kharosekar (XII)
"I like NAFL because there are a lot of activities. I like it also because it has a great variety of books in the library. The best part of all is that we get to use laptops in the computer lab, not ordinary computers."
Karthikeyan S. (X)
"I like NAFL because I like the teachers. I like NAFL because it is fun. I like NAFL because I have so many friends."
Diya Suhas (III)
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