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NAFL is housed in a spacious, well- constructed 4- storey building overlooking its playground. It is equipped with large, well-ventilated classrooms, an extensive, user-friendly library, an enviable computer laboratory, roof-top science laboratories, an aesthetic art room, music room, dance room, audio- visual room as well as a 300-seating capacity auditorium. Large subject rooms enhance the audio and visual aspects of learning. Adequate space and facilities for soccer, hockey, cricket, volleyball, throwball and basketball with highly trained, full-time physical education instructors, provide for a strong sports and fitness programme at NAFL.

Chartered buses ply from different parts of the city making it easy and convenient for students to commute to school and back.

The Library
The Library has been built up over the years and enjoys pride of place in the school. Well stocked and regularly replenished, the library has well over 113,000 books that include fiction and non-fiction with graded levels of reading, beginning with the pre-primary school, right up to the senior school. Leading magazines and periodicals number 40 and several daily newspapers. The reference section is formidable: it has 6 different sets of encyclopedias, and excellent reference books on all subjects, with separate reference book sections for the senior school curricula.

NAFL follows an open-shelf policy where students feel free to browse before issuing books out. All grades have two library periods a week. Apart from a treasured, quiet time of reading, various reading-related activities are carried out by the librarian - games, fun worksheets, quizzes, guessing games on authors, titles and book-characters, book reviews, poster-making, additional information and trivia on current titles - all which the children enjoy immensely. Inculcating a good reading habit in children is vitally important: it leads to the ability to interpret, analyse and understand various kinds of information. ‘Best Reader’ awards are given to children of each grade at the end of the academic year. The NAFL library is a place where children and faculty love to spend time - the quiet, ordered, colourful ambience lends itself to happy, interested reading...

The Computer Laboratory The academic curriculum includes Computer Studies from grade I to XII. Students enjoy the theory and practical classes in this subject. The computer laboratory comprises 32 laptops, with each child working independently at one.

The Language Rooms in NAFL allow teachers to carry out various interactive activities in English, Hindi and French, be they individual or group presentations, debates, discussions, role play, elocution or drama practice. Audio –visual aids are used to enhance the learning experience in all languages.

The Social Studies Room houses maps, charts, 2 and 3 D models and projects done by children of all ages: stepping into it transports one down through History and enwraps one in the wonder of regional and physical Geography.

The Math Lab provides experiential learning of abstract mathematical concepts in the junior and middle school. Basic operations are taught through counting rods, place value cups, abacus, star cards and many more. Senior sections learn algebraic and geometric concepts with the use of 2D and 3D figures.

The Audio-Visual Room Dedicated to furthering the students’ interest by visual stimuli, teachers take every opportunity to present them various documentaries, movies, movie clips and other audio visual inputs, thus combining learning with an interesting activity. PowerPoint presentations for academics, assemblies, projects, quizzes and programmes are worked on by students with great enthusiasm.

The Science Laboratories Spacious and well lit, the Science laboratories are equipped with the required apparatus catering to the practical application of the Physics, Chemistry and Biology curricula of all grades. The unique characteristic of the Science laboratory is that it is accessible to all grades starting from Montessori up to Grade XII.

The Reading Room caters to every child’s reading ability. It also enhances and improves their vocabulary, writing and reading skills. The programme is graded in levels of difficulty and is conducted grade-wise. Relevant written and oral exercises are also given for re-inforcement. Children have ready access to the books they want and it is this element of choice that is important in inculcating independent reading habits which creates lifelong readers.

Music Room Music classes in Western and Indian vocal training draw the students to the Music Room twice a week. Folk, devotional, inspirational, popular and children’s songs in English, French, Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit are in our repertoire.

Auditorium The school auditorium has a seating capacity of 300. All formal programmes take place here as well as class assemblies. The auditorium is also used for dance class and Taekwondo training.

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