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NAFL welcomes students from the age of 3 years to 16 plus, from Montessori/ Kindergarten to Grade XII to an individualized programme of learning and personal development.

The Academy provides a caring, creative yet disciplined environment for its pupils to grow and learn in. This is presented in a multi-cultural context with special emphasis on global and local themes, promoting at the same time political and cultural sensitivity. Some unique features of NAFL are

  • Small classes, individualized guidance
  • Curricula in keeping with international standards brought to students through the incorporation of new paradigms in education.
  • Several nationalities represented.
  • Newest concepts in education and information technology used.
  • Well qualified and experienced faculty, sensitive to the children in transit or transfer.
  • Parent-teacher created learning strategies.
  • Focus on self-esteem, learning skills, hands-on learning, social interaction and outreach.
  • Sports, games, gym, yoga, Taekwondo, aerobics, art, music, dance and work-experience feature widely in the school programme.
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